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Scenic Consulting

Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Massimo, ROMA 2008
Lighting Designers: V. Storaro, F. Storaro
Production: Sorgente Group Foundation

... Exhibition organized with the support of Fondazione Sorgente Group

... for the tenth anniversary of the opening of the headquarters
of National Roman Museum Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

... the face of Marcus Claudius Marcellus, grandson of Augustus,
designated to the Imperial succession ...


SIB, Museo della Citta' e Domus del Chirurgo, RIMINI 2008
Concept and Production: Aurea S.r.l.

... the sense of telling a story in movement
with more than one superimposed image
trying by all means to "Photo-grafare"

that is "Writing with Light"
turning a concept into a narrative visual concept ...

Design: L. Furfaro, G. Mancini

Villa Chiassi, ROMA 2006
Production: Collezioni Numismatiche

... open ... by Senator Giulio Andreotti ... ...
... an exhibition that reconstructs ...streets... palaces ...
of Italy as it was just emerged from war

... A street carpeted with ...historical documents ... posters ...
pages of newspapers ... the same ...that were covering streets' walls
in those days

Meanwhile in the air...songs ...and voices of the protagonists of politics
as Alcide De Gasperi ...Pietro Nenni, Palmiro Togliatti, Don Luigi Sturzo...

Artistic Coordinator for Set Up

Palazzo Ruspoli, ROMA 2006

Concept and Design: G. SpinelliCurator: Olivier Berggruen
Associate Curator : Schirn Kunsthalle, Francoforte

... "Turning his back to nature,
He drew his subjects from his imagination
his reactions to the world around him

Past experience around him
poetry, music and things botanical and scientific ...

a world of fantasy, full of irony, whimsy,
and mischievous humor, however twisted
especially towards the end of his life
with melancholy


Museo del Corso, ROMA 2004

Curator: Francesca Romana Morelli

... The exhibition has considered both the precious and experimental jewels
... more than 150 works of established artists
as Dorazio, Consagra, Fontana and Arnaldo Pomodoro,and emerging talents
Approacing theis concept of jewelery thinking about the meaning of the jewel,
the function and the socio-anthropological contents...

Artistic Coordinator for Set Up

Palazzo Ruspoli, ROMA 2004
Concept and Design: E. Frigerio
Curators: Felipe Roberto Solìs Olguìn, Carla Alfano

... Vases, funerary urns, braziers ceremonial masks precious,
large sculptures, jewelry ...

History of the Aztecs: People of catus, the eagle and the snake on the beating heart
Betrayed by a prophecy and a terrible coincidence ...


Museo del Corso, ROMA 2003
Curators: Franco Maria Messina, Géza von Habsburg

On the occasion of the 390 years since the rise to power of the Romanovs
and the 300 anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg ...
... three ... Imperial eggs, coming from the Kremlin Museum in Moscow

Memoria of Azov Egg,1891
Alexander Palacev Egg,1908
Tricentenary Egg,1913

Artistic Coordinator for Set Up

Palazzo Ruspoli, ROMA 2003
Concept and Design: E. Frigerio

Italian Scientific Committee:
Claudio Strinati, Soprintendente Speciale per il Polo Museale Romano
Silvia Danesi Squarzina,Ordinario di Storia dell'Arte Moderna, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia
Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"
Susanna Le Pera Buranelli, Sovraintendenza Beni Culturali, Comune di Roma

Swedish Scientific Committee:
Magnus Olausson - Nationalmuseum (Museo Nazionale),Stockholm
Lena Rangström-Livrustkammaren (Royal Armory) Stockholm
Ursula Sjöberg - Kunglig Husgerådskammaren Stockholm
Ulf Cederlöf - Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
Gunilla Torkelsson - Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

... 28th of October 2003 in the presence of TRHKing Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia ... art exhibition cured by the National Museum, the Royal Armoury
and the Royal Collections in Sweden...evolution, between the 1600 and 1700,
the history and taste of the Scandinavian country...the two centuries in which ...
strong national identity has formed, becoming a great political, economic
and military

Artistic Coordinator for Set Up

ROMA, Palazzo Ruspoli, 2002
Concept and Design: E. Frigerio
Curators: Learco Andalò, Carla Alfano, Felipe V.Garìn Llombart

... When in 1492 ... the Spanish cardinal Rodrigo Borgia
He became pope with the name of Alexander VI,
the world was experiencing one of the most intense moments of culture
and of human progress. The power, the luxury and the pursuit of glory
They favored the commissioning of new buildings, churches, monuments,
furniture, works of art. The Borgias were among those powerful players
and spectators ... The exhibition ... know ... compose the cultural universe,
religious and historical era ...
... patronage of prestigious institutions including the General Secretariat of the Council of Europe...

Artistic Coordinator for Set Up

Museo Del Corso, ROMA 2001
Concept and Design: F. Watson

Curator: Franco Maria Messina

... the multifaceted creative story of Erté,
better known as Erte, a famous master of Art Deco.
... a multifaceted genius, painter, set designer, costume designer,
designer, illustrator, creator of fashion and jewelry.
Within this exhibition were presented
paintings, sculptures, gouaches, jewelry, objets d'art
and the famous alphabet.
The exhibition was inspired by scenes of the era,
... an effect of "immersion" in a typical environment
the twenties of the last century.

Artistic Coordinator for Set up

Palazzo Ruspoli, ROMA 2000
Concept and Design: E. Frigerio

Curator: Susan Walker
Dipartimento Antichità Greco-Romane, British Museum
In collaboration with Eugenio La Rocca
Sovraintendente ai Beni Culturali del Comune di Roma

... Alexandria was famous for the beauty of its urban layout,
the great and sacred tomb of Alexander the Great,
... the Lighthouse Museum and the monumental library...

...Cleopatra was educated in this cultured, refined and cosmopolitan world...

The surprising
Egyptian influences...religion of the Pharaons
...the culture and art of Egypt ...

Artistic Coordinator for Set Up

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, ROMA 2000
Design: R. Giammarini, A. Viscogliosi
Curators: Eugenio La Rocca
Superintendent of Cultural Heritage of the City of Rome
Serena Ensoli

... Rome becomes golden for poets and writers...
"Prima urbes inter, Divum domus, aurea Rome" ...
... Designed for the 2000's Jubilee ...400 works of late antiquity...
from Italian and foreign museums ...
British Museum in London, Louvre Museum in Paris,
Kunsthistorisches in Vienna, Vatican Museums in Roma,
Archaeological Museum in Cairo, Staatliche Museen in Berlin...

Artistic Coordinator for Set Up

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, ROMA 2000
Commissioners of Exhibition: Evelina Borea, Andrea Emiliani
Scientific Designers of Exhibition: Evelina Borea, Carlo Gasparri
Curator for Archeology: Lucilla de Lachenal
Curator for Drawings: Simonetta Prosperi Valenti Rodinò

...The title of the exhibition alludes to a theory of art,
based on the cult of classical antiquity...of Giovan Pietro Bellori ...

Rome 1664,
Accademia di San Luca
Art should be seen as an imitation of nature
It amended its flaws art that can enhance noble actions
expressed in the decoration of gestures...
according to the models offered by the Roman ancient sculptures
and from the painting of Raffaello ..

The big news is the direct comparison between Ancient and Modern

... and winds through more than 800 works, including paintings, sculptures
mosaics, gems, medals, from Museums around the world ...

Artistic coordinator for Set Up

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, ROMA 2000
Design: E. Frigerio

Curator: Giorgio Ursino Uršic

... Ezio Frigerio was the creator of a new
perspective nterpretation o theatrical space

The exhibition traces its entire business,
witnessing the creative evolution...

Through phtographs, sketches, models
and fragments of stage sets...

Artistic Coordinator for Set Up

Accademia di San Luca, ROMA 2000
Curator: Angela Cipriani, Accademia Nazionale di San Luca

Studies on the culture of the eighteenth century ...
recognize in Rome the place of preparation of an international artistic culture ...
looking for that balance between contemporary and classical ...

... a comparison between forms of expression seemingly distant...

"Introduzione"  A. Cipriani, Catalogo dalla Mostra, 2000 Ed. De Luca S.r.l.

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